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A letter from a Fan

Everyone should get a fan letter on a regular basis. It can make one’s day. I know it made mine.

Dear Mr. Herrington,

I have never written a fan letter before but I must share my wonderful experience with you regarding your novels. I was casting about the Internet and, as I have often wondered what you and Karen were up to I typed in your name and lo and behold I find that you are a published author.

I immediately downloaded “Dead to Rights” and began to read it, then discovered that David Elliott had come to life in an earlier book “What the Barber Knew” so I downloaded that and read it first.

What fun it was to read a refreshing tale of an earlier time when “Gosh Darn!” was a serious expression of emotion. I could see my dad Arch _______ on the W________ College campus in the 40s literally doing everything you described (although your book appears to be 10 years later). I just loved how I felt when reading the first book and I became very involved with your story line and cautionary tales in the 2nd book. It was just a great experience, a fun read and such a different approach when compared to many of the novels I see today. Thank you for writing them and I hope that others have shared their joy with you. I hope you are considering more books.

Thank you for taking the time to read this “fan” letter.

Sherrill _____________

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