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I’m putting the finishing touches on my second murder mystery, Dead To Rights. Set in 1953, the plot revolves around the death of a college professor of American Literature and a mysterious coded message he sends to David Elliott, one of his students. Elliott’s attempt to decipher the message leads him into a tangle of intrigue, murder and extreme peril, masterminded by a cadre of well-trained assassins.

The next step? Submit DTR to an editor who will correct my errors and suggest revisions before a publisher reads the story.

Friends and family know I like to tell stories. But doesn’t everyone enjoy narrating descriptions of past events? Within the life of each person are countless stories. How dull life would be without hearing or reading others’ stories!

My first David Elliott mystery, What The Barber Knew, is an e-book available online at

Yes, that last sentence was a commercial.

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