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The Girl in the Orange Maillot

The Girl in the Orange Maillot is the working title of the next David Elliott mystery. At present my insightful, sharp-eyed and honest Beta readers are working to improve the manuscript. Beta readers serve as “test pilots” for the writer, reporting on the flaws in the design and structure and the features that “fly.” They are invaluable, and I’m fortunate to have a terrific group. Thank you Ann, Barb, Carolyn, Greg, Jim, Susan and Tom for your diligence.

The Girl will require a serious amount of revision before my editor receives it, but revising is how the characters, plot, point of view, setting and theme come to life.

This is the darkest and most sinister of the David Elliott mysteries. It’s a fictionalized account of a tragic but true story. My challenge: to give my best effort to offer a meaningful experience to the reader.

Bailey Herrington

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