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Dog Shoots Owner

According to statistics compiled by the Washington Post, since 1980, 17 dogs have shot their masters. Fifteen of these incidents occurred in the midwest and southern states  that have lax gun laws. Florida holds the record for the most shootings by dogs, news that doesn’t surprise me. Alarmingly, not one of these canines had a license to carry a gun. Nor had they been subjected to even rudimentary background checks. Two of these dogs were killers.

All you cat lovers, wipe off that smirk. A cat (OK, there was only one) shot its owner with a 9mm handgun (pawgun?) and while the victim was being transported to a hospital, he disappeared. If I know cats, she (female felines are the hunters) trailed him and finished him off enroute.

These diabolically clever canine culprits contrived to convince authorities that it was an accident. I don’t buy that. Here’s why. Not long ago an Iowa man’s dog while “playing” with his owner, managed to sniff out the location of the man’s concealed weapon and fired one shot, hitting him in the leg. Recovering in the hospital, the wounded dog lover acknowledged it wasn’t over. “They tell me my dog is looking everywhere for me.” Exactly.

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