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Cover Girl

Thanks to all of you who cast a vote in the cover poll for The Girl in the Orange Maillot! I hope you had a bit of fun with it. The image of the cover wrap pictured here will be for the paperback edition. Naturally, I’m pleased that Lauren Sheldon, Koehler Books cover designer, chose the cover that the majority of you preferred. You played an important part in the publishing process. Again, my thanks. I’d like to have your comments on the cover, positive or negative. Contact me at, or at

The date of publication has been rescheduled to March 15, and the degree of activity is revving up, I have received the digital Advanced Review Copy (ARC) sample to review and edit. These ARCs will be shared with a list of endorsement quotes prospects I have selected and am currently contacting. Lauren also sent me the image of the dust jacket for the hardcover version of The Girl in the Orange Maillot. It looks great.

Meanwhile, two days ago I received the Author Copy of the thoroughly revised and rewritten paperback version of my first David Elliott mystery, What The Barber Knew. I’ll be editing it line by line to correct errors. Once Karen finishes the corrections I’ve made, Amazon will begin printing it in paperback for sale. I’m happy that Karen, who formatted the cover and interior, was able to keep the original cover my son Bryce created for the e-book. More on this soon.

I really appreciate your interest and support of my writing endeavors. The act of writing is of necessity a solitary experience. But often when I’m drafting or revising a sentence or a scene, I’ll say to myself, “This reminds me of a conversation I had with Carolyn,” or, “Michael gave me the idea for this bit of dialog.”

Finally, stay smart and stay safe during these tough times. You know what has to be done: get vaccinated, get the booster, wear an effective mask, avoid crowded places and events. Blessings!

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